Sunday, November 25, 2007

To Nairobi, Kenya

I am in the First class lounge waiting for my trip to Dubai, from which I will connect to Nairobi. So far, there have been enough "negative" cosmic signs to this trip. Two major ones were my incorrect hotel/ airport pick-up reservation and the other was the delay in my JED-DXB flight. Well, as long as my luggage doesn't get lost, I won't complain. I packed a big bag this time because I am carrying a couple boxes which I will give to people there. hehe, that didn't sound too good :P I am usually a little bit apprehensive whenever I am flying somewhere new, which I have never been to before. This time my level of nervousness is even higher because I am equally worried about real wild animals as much as human wild animals. I don't think being eaten by a lion in an elegant way to die. Too messy.

I always exercise responsible travel behavior. One important thing to remember by a woman travelling along, is to project quiet inner strength rather than look like a victim or look like someone looking for a challenge. Unfortunately, I seem like I simply just cannot get my mojo. I am feeling like a sitting duck. Images of violence and crime keep flashing through my head, thanks to Hollywood. Specifically, I am thinking about the movie "The Last King of Scotland". I know, that movie took place in Uganda. I plan to distract myself from the reality of being Africa alone by finally trying to learn Africa's geography by heart.

Maybe I can't relax because of all the issue pre-occupying my mind. Yes, you are right, I haven't been blogging much, so how the hell would you know what I am talking about!

Ok, that's my flight annoucement. I should give you a quick overview of how my first year at Cisco has been. Next time! :))