Wednesday, September 19, 2007


There was once a little owl. This little light brown owl had big dreams. Dreams so big, that they crowded her life. But she didn’t care, she was not about to give up.

After that little owl grew up a little into medium owl. Her friends and family rarely forced that she conforms anymore. They accepted this owl. They loved this owl.

Nevertheless, when she became strong enough, she decided to seek her dreams at the magical forest; even though the story is a myth and the risk is immense.

Myth: Ye who yearn for power wizardry and riches beyond belief; the magic forest is where you should seek. The higher the price you pay, the greater the reward you receive.

But be warned, no armors of steel or swords of light can protect thy life from the biggest sacrifice of them all. The sacrifice of which all must pay to exit the forest,

Naive nor foolish was our medium owl, but rather quite well-equipped with very useful tools and weapons; her wings, her determination and her tongue.

In one quiet night, she waved good bye and set a flight. Away and away she flew, away from the woods of her childhood. How pretty did the little trees look from so far.

From above, she looked around, where might that forest be? For days and days, steadily she fluttered to the lush web of green. The closer she got, the more confident she felt.

Close to the rim, she met a little sparrow. Despite his size, this sparrow had a huge heart. A heart like she’s never seen before. A heart so big, that it pained his frail body

This little sparrow was also seeking the magical forest. However, he was not willing to pay the price. He covered himself with layers and layers of protection.

Leaves, twigs and copper coins, anything that his body can handle and everything that he believed would protect him. That would protect him from the ugly sacrifice.

But our owl didn’t worry, she had he wings that will fly her, her determination that will brace her and her tongue of which she can talk her self away from any danger.

Together they flew, beginning to discover the forest. They each ran in the direction he saw his goal. But they each returned to camp out together and get through the scary night.

Days passed by and owl is still searching. It would help if she knew exactly what she was looking for. In spite of initial failure, she did not lose ground.

The sparrow and the owl lived wonderful days together. But with the light of every passing day, it has become clearer and clearer how different they are

He was heading one way and she was heading another. Even if they wished their days together can last, they parted ways with the best of wishes.

The forest, even if desperately lacking in magic so far, it was quite rich with life. It was only time until she met her next companion, who was also on a journey