Saturday, January 21, 2006

i don't like saturdays.

I am homesick.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Snow in my eyes

it's one of those day.
I just didn't feel like getting out of bed, but I did.

I wonder why people like to keep a blog and share photos. What kind of message is one telling to send to the world. I like to check my family and friends' blogs. It's a nice way to leave comments and stay in touch. Even my 12-yrs-old sister keeps a blog with a chatterbox!

why are some poeple just plain mean and nasty? i wonder what goes on in the mind of someone like that. Do you think they intentionally plan those remarks?

Monday, January 16, 2006

happy new year

been busy again.
i skipped the first week of the semester because my mom really wanted me to stay with the family in egypt. it didn't take much convincing :P

so my vacation was extended an extra week. however, being me, i couldn't really enjoy it. work was always on my mind :S im worried about missing anything important. but i managed my checking the courses website and tried to keep up with the reading.

egypt, as always, is a mix of being cool and frustrating at the same time. the wedding we attended was great! they got Hakim and Nancy Agram =) yeeesss... she's as pretty in real life as on TV. took some nice pix as well.

i almost lost my diamond bracelet! GOD! i almost had a heart attack. thankfully, my beloved sis found it as soon as she pointed out that it was missing. mom doesn't know...hehehe.

the interesting change that i don't feel like going out as i used to. again my sister tries to arrange a nice evening and i just follow the plan. i wish i can be more fun, just for her. she's really great. but i can't help it. i got other things on my mind all the time. i know i could be a bore now at this phase of my life.


as i expected, it was so hard to leave. my flight back to canada was very early in the morning. i kissed my sister and brother while they were asleep then went to my parent's room. they were awake. i got choked up, which i knew came across as being cold :( i gave them a good hug and left as quickly as possible so i don't break down. driver was waiting, loaded my bags and left to Cairo's airport.

the flight was ok. got to know an interesting egyptian VC from California. six hours later, i was at heathrow. i LOVE heathrow. checked my email, had a smoothie and went for a little bit of shopping =) called my parents. they were on their way to a cruise to Luxor and Aswan. i really missed that :(

12 hours later, i was across the atlantic back in toronto. they gave me a hard time at customs for a strange reason. a good friend from the program picked me up with his wife. 4 hours later i was in my apartment. back home, at last =)

wait, did i just call Waterloo 'home' ?????

oh well, if anything, one thing i'm proud of. i did it =) i proved to myself i can travel on my own. airports dont scare me anymore. i didn't freak out and i didn't end up in Syberia.

now im thrown back in a whirlpool of work. happily, i'm on top of things =) i love it!